Over at Fashionista, Tyler McCall spoke to some menswear editors, including our overlord here, Larry Schloss, and his "Fashion Bros!" buttbuddy James Harris, to find out if—just as blondes have more fun than their brunette counterparts—menswear editors have more fun than womenswear editors. The answer, as you would probably assume, is a fairly resounding LMAO YES.

Exploring the vast landscape of the womenswear compared to the menswear scene, it's clear how different the two industry segments truly are. I mean, "Fashion Bros!" is a real, actual thing that exists and does not have even a remote comparison on the other side of the aisle. As McCall mentions, you can't really imagine a womenswear editor joking with Karl Lagerfeld about a possible Trojan condom collaboration, but when you get two immature asshats on camera, it's fair game. While stuffier men's publications are unlikely to latch onto the casual, zero fucks given nature that is the lifeblood of Four Pins, a general lax, cavalier attitude is clear throughout the editorial menswear landscape. Dudes actually smile and enjoy attending runway shows during fashion week! In fact, the conversation over dinner afterward probably has nothing to do with the show itself, and instead revolves around a lot of dick jokes and a whole lot more shitty Internet slang. Seriously, as sad as it may seem to you narcs, we do say "alphet" in real life because we are a BUNCH OF GODDAMN FUCKING NERDS.

This sort of "what we talk about when we talk about clothes" mentality is probably the single biggest reason menswear, at least on the surface, feels like it's more fun. We're all dorks just trying to cope in self-deprecating ways. So, even though menswear isn't exactly easy to break into as an industry, and while we may be way more broke that our fellow fashion fairer sex professionals, it's easier than ever to get involved in the discussion and find like-minded people who enjoy it. And though we might never get our Chanel grocery store moment, we're all pretty happy with the situation at the moment.