We mentioned C'H'C'M's in-house product launch a few weeks ago and I just decided to revisit the collection. Still fire. Still flames. Especially this oxford cloth band collar shirt. I've been watching a lot of that show Peaky Blinders lately and they wear band collars all the time. I love the way they dressed back in the early 1900s, but I don't think I could've lived in Birmingham, England at that time because I'm bald and couldn't have one of those dope ass haircuts. Also, because I'd be kind of afraid to cut myself on the fucking ox that's sewn into my hat. I know, assuming I'd be part of the cool gang right off the bat is a bit presumptuous, but c'mon, I'd be that cool half-Chinese guy in the gang that is the plug for opium and shit. God, I gotta start getting out more. I'm halfway to writing fucking fan fiction here. BUY THE SHIRT.