The workwear renaissance of yesteryear had its fun in the sun. There are definitely still remnants of Americana and heritage-wear with brands like Levi's, Filson and Woolrich providing classic pieces that shouldn't—and won't—ever die, but from a cultural perspective, the genre doesn't have the legs to survive in the world of the young, lively, and individualistic "fashion" followers of today.  Those curvaceous, supple legs now belong to that swaggy bitch known as high-end streetwear. 

To say that high-end streetwear is a "passing trend" is laughable. The sheer growth of the genre in just a short time proves it's self-sustainable with the vast amount of possibilities it offers. Sure, there are elements of the genre that are trendy (see: leather joggers) but from these trends are born new, more invigorating options that are a bit more practical. As a whole, high-end streetwear's booming scene has been in play just as long as the echo of Americana workwear. And, lest ye forget, it seems as though workwear is making yet another exit from the menswear scene as words like "goth," "drape," "elongated," and "cozy" sweep through the fashion-forward halls of the world. 

And one of the main reasons the acceptance of such descriptors is more normal than one may care to believe is because the world of fashion has evolved so much that it is actually conceivable that a majority of our generation cares about what they wear and want what they wear to be different. And different doesn't mean the same thing their forefathers wore four score and too damn long ago.

The eclectic nature of high-end streetwear brings out the best in brands because it summons creativity in all who are touched by it. You want to sell high-end streetwear, you need to justify it through a litany of categories, from quality to cut to all-around creative differentiation. Workwear's laurels rest on three things; quality goods with historical significance made in the U.S.A. And, as anyone will tell you, that ain't gonna cut it these days with all of the options to choose from. That's why many of your favorite workwear brands are trying to reinvent some of their classic pieces to follow suit. In case you need even more convincing, just check out these 10 Reasons Why High-End Streetwear is Better Than Workwear.