I'M SORRY THE PRODUCT SHOTS OF THIS WACKO MARIA WESTERN KINDA SUCK. I spent the best part of an hour interwebbing for a better set of images, but Japanese e-commerce is annoyingly fifteen years in the past. Even Rakuten, Japan's equivalent of Amazon, fucking blows. MAYBE WE ARE JUST SO SET IN OUR WESTERN WAYS THAT WE PERCEIVE ANYTHING EVEN ACUTELY FOREIGN AS BUTT. Do you think Japanese people think the same about Mr. Porter and shit? I don't care. THIS. SHIRT. This shirt is tight because it's a weird embroidered western maneuver from some low-key Japanese brand your basic bitch friends will definitely never have heard of. Don't you think it's weird how Japanese brands use the English language all over their garms? Imagine if this was a Western shirt by, like, some new, fashion skateboard brand. All the English lettering would be replaced by Kanji. Wouldn't that be the most pretentious shit ever? And that's exactly why I like this shirt. It's a pretentious culture vulture, JUST LIKE ME. Good luck navigating the checkout. I doubt they even ship outside of Japan tbh lmao.

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