Another day, another $800 Tim Coppens sweater I attempt to talk myself into buying. I sometimes get caught up in the knitting patterns on sweaters. Do you see how many different textures are going on right here? It's absurd—big stripes, little stripes, big stripes intersected by little stripes. It feels like the type of thing only your mother could knit for you. When she starts out, you think, "Psh, it's never going to look good enough." But, by the end of the knitting process, she's made you a one of one, super fire sweater that looks like you'd spend $800 on it. The only problem is that it took her like a month to knit it, when you could have spent 30 seconds typing in your credit card and receive this one in three days instead. It's a serious trade off, but think about how proud you'll make your mom when you compliment her hard work. She had to put up with your middling ass your entire life. She's a fucking saint. See, the only thing she probably can't do is get her hands on this wool/cashmere blend. But, since she's a mom, she'd probably figure out a way. Moms always do.