Since 1997, Rakuten has been the go-to destination for guys trying to get their hands on hard-to-find Japanese gear. Often referred to as the Amazon of the Japan, the billion-dollar company housed some of the country's most coveted styles, old and new, from brands like nanamica, Cotwo, and visvim. This week, Rakuten stepped up its global presence by launching a fashion-focused website in the States; however, unlike the original site, the U.S. version will provide customers with more accessible styles and familiar brands.

Propelled by the intention of restoring the “fun and fantasy” of shopping, the international e-commerce giant has rolled out an extensive offering of contemporary labels as well as updated site functions for a more user-friendly and interactive experience. New site features include seamless integration with boutique sister company VAULT, improved site design, enhanced search functions, and a new MVC platform that allows Rakuten to make real-time updates regarding trends.

“We are eager to launch the new fashion site,” company president Fumio Kobayashi said earlier this month. “The new narrative and functional enhancements to will give our customer access to stylish products.”

With brands like Ray-Ban, Polo Ralph Lauren, and more in its inventory, the online retailer hopes to attract a young demographic by blending contemporary fashion with an element of entertainment—something that Rakuten representatives say is missing among other e-commerce giants. There will be celebrity endorsements, social media integration, and features by some of the industry's leading fashion experts.

Check out the new site today, and be sure to take advantage of the weeklong sales and promotions being offered in celebration of Rakuten's stateside launch.