Do you know what an "Airblaster" is? No, it's not a weird sexual maneuver that one kid in 8th grade insisted he did with Jessica L. in the closet during 7 minutes in heaven at Joey's basement birthday party. It's actually the name of a company that teamed up with Poler to make these "ninja suits." I'm calling shenanigans on all the ninja vibes because this is way more like a weird dude that kidnaps you and takes you out to his pop-up camper in the woods. Or, on a less murderous/rapey note, like a deleted scene from The Life Aquatic. I don't know, guys, I guess this would come in handy if you were camping in the winter or something. Maybe surfing? I don't fuck with surfing because I can't really swim that well and also because surfing always leads to infiltrating bank robbing gangs that have the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers in them and that just leads to violence, heartbreak and questioning the true meaning of friendship and loyalty.

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