During last night’s opening of the Life is Beautiful 2014 music festival, Kanye West pleased fans by releasing a new Yeezus T-shirt exclusively for the Las Vegas event.

Virgil Abloh, West's creative director and longtime friend, posted a couple of pictures of the design on Instagram with simple captions that read: “There’s more” and “Kanye West c/o Wes Lang.”

Lang, who is the artist behind the skeletal designs of previous Yeezus merch, clearly shelved the morbid rock aesthetic for something much sexier. As pictured above, the new paint-splattered shirt features a topless woman sitting behind the official Yeezus logo.

If you were unable to nab tickets for the Life is Beautiful music festival, which concludes Oct. 26, you’ll likely have to wait for these joints to pop up on auction sites in order to get your hands on one. Or you can wait it out and trust Abloh's word that "there's more" on the way.