Holy shit, Maharishi just made us an awesome "Visor Sweat." I fucking love Maharishi, guys. This shit will turn you into an honorary member of the Foot Clan. This hoodie is fucking bananas with its ninja mask hood. I would totally buy this, but I already get harassed enough on things like public transportation and airplanes. One time, I was riding the Megabus to Chicago and all of a sudden the state police pulled the bus over, an event I'd never seen before and happen again since. Anyhow, the cop gets on the bus and walks down the aisle, looking at all the passengers. This fucking dude took one look at me and another kid and demanded to see our IDs. Not a single person on the bus was questioned or forced to identify themselves besides us. The cop was all, "Where you headed?" And I was like, "Uh, it says the destination on the front of this giant bus." Then he goes, "Are you hiding anything or have anything you want to tell me?" To which I was like, "Nah." Then he ran my ID before letting us go. FUCK YOU, STATE POLICE AND THE MEGABUS DRIVERS OF THE WORLD WHO PULL OVER FOR THEM. EVERYONE KNOWS IF YOU'RE TRYING TO TRAVEL WITH ILLEGAL DRUGS YOU RIDE AMTRAK SMFH.