Two days ago, when I wrote about that Captain Insane-o Ami belted cardigan, I mentioned how I knew exactly what I was going to pick out when I received the Carson Street newsletter. Well, that was a fucking lie because I also almost wrote about another thing from Ami, this houndstooth patterned bomber. I am not as pure as I have led you to believe. And for that I apologize. But I will not apologize for the story I'm about to tell. A few weeks ago, when the Brian Trunzo, of Bravo's The Singles Project fame, threw a little shindig at the store (and I was on national TV in the background), the eyebrow gawd himself Joey Healy came in and tried on this very jacket. Yes, it's true. If you order this very jacket from CSC, not only will you be ordering from the shop co-owned by a man occasionally seen on television, but you could be wearing the same very garment as another certified Bravolebrity/professional eyebrow artist who tried it on for a whole 30 seconds. I wonder if his grooming knowledge might rub off on you because only Anthony Davis can pull off that unibrow some of you unfortunate souls are currently rocking with. But, to be even more honest, when Joey threw this thing on and made a joke about Brian giving it to him for free (FOR SHAME, JOEY) is precisely when I noticed this jacket even existed for the first time. It's pretty fucking sick. And, before you even ask, YES, it has double zippers.