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British retailer End Clothing just unveiled an editorial showing off Visvim's Fall 2014 collection, "Dissertation on Patina."  The editorial features shirts, denim and the brand's famous hybrid footwear, all done in designs and materials that should age comfortably with the wearer.

The word patina refers to the layer of oxidation that collects on copper, bronze and other metals, and it has come to be used by fashion types when referring to leathers, denims and other materials that evolve with use and wear. Visvim designer Hiroki Nakamura  writes how this collection was inspired by a rusty vintage motorcycle he came across, and then restored, finding that "this once abandoned hunk of metal had transformed into a beautiful motorcycle, full of character and overflowing with warmth."

The selvage denim, leather deck shoes and other pieces featured won't come cheap but they will last, and also take a lot less upkeep than a vintage motorcycle. 

Check out the full editorial from End Clothing here, and create your own patina by shopping the collection, available now at their online store.