Twitter announced today that it is rolling out a "Buy" button in its app that allows users to purchase products from inside the Twittersphere. The social media company's initial list of partners includes fashion powerhouse Burberry, but more retailers are sure to adapt the new function.

Twitter sees the "Buy" button as a way for users to purchase time sensitive items, such as concert tickets or limited edition merchandise, like the T-shirt signed by David Guetta in the image above. For now, Twitter has partnered with mostly musicians to sell tickets and merchandise through their new function, including Eminem, Rihanna, and Wiz Khalifa. However, the "Buy" button has the potential to be an essential player for fashion brands' drops: think every Thursday for Supreme or flash sales of sneakers. 

App users can purchase products from Twitter by tapping the "Buy" button and entering billing information. After the user confirms, the purchase infomation is sent directly to the merchant. To make this process as smooth as possible, Twitter has partnered with three marketing platforms—Fancy, Musictoday, and Gumroad—as well as the trusted payment processor, Stripe.

Twitter’s "Buy" button comes just months after Facebook started testing a similar purchasing function. The two social media giants, who are already fighting for your attention, are now set to duke it out for your wallets.  


[via Twitter]