As if New York isn't already overrun by tourists, tons of exciting art exhibitions just opened across the city this month that are sure to draw crowds. Many of the upcoming shows either see artists creating larger than life pieces or works that embody mind blowing ideas. At Marianne Boesky Gallery, for instance, Roxy Paine just unveiled his room-sized Checkpoint installation, an interpretation of an airport security stop. Over at Leila Heller Gallery, Rachel Lee Hovnanian is exhibiting three massive installations, including one made up of glass cases filled with "Plastic Perfect" babies, stemming from an idea that peoples' obsession with technology may actually spawn a bunch of genetically modified children. Intrigued yet?

On the other hand, this month's art offerings include a bunch of our favorite street artists taking their works inside gallery walls. At San Francisco's White Walls, French street artist C215 just kicked off an exhibition dedicated to his daughter. In New York, DALeast also opened a show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Check out all of The Best Art Exhibitions to See This Month.

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