No Man Walks Alone is the plug when it comes to Stephan Schneider. In this instance, they got Schneider to reissue a banger from F/W 2011. DAWG, THAT'S LIKE THREE YEARS AGO AKA A MILLION YEARS ON THE INTERNET. I wore one-and-a-half year old shoes once and I couldn't even get a visitor's pass to get into the Complex offices. Anyways, the liner and hood on this jacket are removable and the jade green wool blend outer is such a nice, subtle colorway. This is one of those garments that is so understated and well done that even your basic ass friends and co-workers will be like, "Hey, that's a really nice coat. Who makes it?" And you'll flex on them by saying Schneider's name with a fake, wannabe accent and they won't have heard of him, so they'll ask follow up about how much it was (which, by the way, is a gauche, punk ass move) and you'll respond, "Nine hundred and thirty five dollars, plus shipping" because the basics in your life need to know that they lack the sheer force of will it requires to drop a g bar on a coat that looks like it was made for a leprechaun.