To reinstitute possibly the most basic terminology of all time, it's motherfucking sweater weather. Like, if you're trying to absorb tears because your girl dumped you, nothing is better than a sweater to roll up in next to a window where you pensively watch the snowflakes float down, meandering slowly to the ground. This has to be the exact scenario Robby was thinking of when he crafted this amazing white and black paneled sweater. I could see myself in this thing while I glo stance to Yung Lean's latest banger, "Ghosttown," while destroying my body alone with a handle of cheap vodka in one hand and a cigarette in the other. You need that perfect pressure on your body to replace the physical human contact you've lost and remind you that you're still a living, breathing human with a soul—as black as that soul may be. Just remember that anytime you're glo'd up, you're already impenetrable. But hitting the glo stance with a dope ass sweater on? I don't think there's a thetan level high enough to quantify that swag.