The New York Times posted up this exclusive look inside Rick Owens's Paris studio and let me just tell you something: Rick, as much as we make fun of some of his wilder designs, is the best. He is the fucking man. Like, Jesus Christ, he is so cool. I have this feeling that if you got 20 minutes of his time, you'd legitimately leave the conversation with a completely different outlook on life. I'm talking, like, a conversation with Kanye, except on a whole other galactic, astronomical level.

Owens talks about the studio space and how as he's gotten older, he can't necessarily focus on ten different things at once, which is why his workspace has taken on a much barer, vacant appearance: "Everything needs to have a lot of space around it because that's the luxury of being able to enjoy focusing on things." When was the last time you really focused on something—anything? For Owens, it sounds like it's every goddamn day. The dude who has built up a business that's reported to generate more than $120 million this year has remained true to himself and not sold out to any of the huge umbrella fashion corporations like LVMH.

When he and the company moved into the five-story building—he lives upstairs on the top two floors with wife/sorceress Michele Lamy—they completely renovated the joint to the Rick Owens aesthetic from the cubicle-laden space it was previously. The somewhat sterile environment functions in black and white (obviously) and features the brash, brutal designs that make Rick, well, Rick.

You can also read along with the Q&A to get a bit more insight into Rick's insane creative process. Like, homie doesn't even sketch. WOW.