Perfecto Brand by Schott just sent over their F/W 14 lookbook and, like all things Perfecto and Schott, it is rugged and leathery and workwear-y. Photographed by the homie Mikael Kennedy and featuring the other homie Zeph Colombatto trying his hardest to be a model, the looks showcase everything the Perfecto sub-brand is known for: souped-up classics like a hair-on-hide biker and raw indigo canvas with Woolrich blanket lining. For real this time, I'm finally going to actually fix up the motorcycle I bought at a swap meet, cop me a Perfecto, wife up a chick who dabbled with heroin back in her college days, work security at random music festivals and just ride, man. That's what the '70s were all about: having unprotected sex with chicks who look better than you in a leather jacket.

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