Technically, this Our Legacy sweater is a turtleneck, but turtlenecks are currently suffering from an image problem. So, instead, call it a "rollneck." Rollnecks are basically the exact same fucking thing, but the subtle rebranding makes all the difference. Fuck, I need to switch my career up for the THIRD time in my life and become a sassy PR bitch. Catch me out here in six months determining your self-worth and place in the world with an iPad, dressed in all black, making you stand while I seat some fuccboi first row because he big ups my own ego. If you do get this rollneck, make sure you wear it all the time this winter. Cool sweaters always look better once you get them smelling like menthols and a weird combination of food smells. My sweaters always smell like hotpot with a hint of Korean BBQ. Can't leave bulgogi alone, the game needs me.