Photography by Andi Elloway.

New York Fashion Week has come and gone, and like every other season, the city was engulfed with the whirlwind madness that surrounds the institution. Besides designers showcasing their Spring/Summer 2015 collections (that is the point, in case you've forgotten), NYFW is a wild spectacle that comes complete with street style photographers, people peacocking to get street styled, dinners, parties, after parties, and after-after parties. It's an exhausting marathon that combines the pageantry of fashion with the glory of NYC, resulting in a phenomenal week that always passes us by too quickly. 

This season, we wanted to take a more contemplative and considered view of NYFW. We wanted to look beyond the always addictive street style coverage and flood of amazing clothes that paraded down the runway. So, we asked a few photographers to train their eye on what goes on in the moments that are normally undocumented in a typical NYFW round-up. Each edition is unique to the photographer's particular set of skills and personal style, so please enjoy When the Circus Comes to Town: A New York Fashion Week Visual Diary by Andi Elloway.