After years of providing the world with amazing art that mixes the beautiful with the epically grotesque, street artist Nychos has finally received his first comprehensive art book, thanks to the folks at Mighty Jaxx. Nychos: Follow the White Rabbit is the first in Mighty Jaxx's "SESSIONS" art book series, and it chronicles the artist's impressive body of work from 2011 to 2014.

Three years of work doesn't sound like a lot, but we learned from this project that Nychos has been extremely busy. The hardcover book has 153 full-color pages, and it features a gold stamped Nychos logo on the cover and title on the spine. It's durable enough that you don't have to handle it with kid gloves, but small enough that you can flip through it on the train or in a car without needing the space that a lot of coffee table art books would require. 

The book begins with a foreword by Hannah Stouffer of Juxtapoz and quotes about Nychos' work from his friends and fellow artists, including Phekt, Flying Fortress, and Neo. Then there is a short bio and interview with the artist that leads into the art, which is divided into categories. The first few pages show "The Rise of the White Rabbit," with only a few works completed before 2009. It's insightful to see the progression of his art, but with only five or so works, there isn't much to compare the bulk of the book to. 

The sections that follow are "Fried Tentacles: Works from 2010," "Fur Skin Skeleton: Works from 2011," "Dissections: Works from 2012," "Street Anatomy: Works from 2013," and "Anatomy of the Weird: Works from 2014." Each is much longer than the first (except this year's because the year is not over), and they all include great photos of Nychos at work and of his completed murals and other artwork. Some of the details of the paintings are lost because of the quality of the pages (no super expensive glossy images), but the work still looks amazing, and it's awesome to see so much of it in one place.

This book is a great addition to your shelves if you've followed Nychos' career from the streets of Vienna to festivals like POW! WOW! Hawaii 2014 or even if you've never heard of him before but love good street art that is different than what anyone else is doing. Grab a copy now over at the Mighty Jaxx store.