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This month, the Nuart Festival opens the streets of Norway to the creative vision of artists from around the globe. The street art festival, established in 2001, is blankenting the town of Stavanger on Norway’s west coast with gorgeous and provocative murals from now until Oct. 12.

Described as a home for outsiders or “artists who operate outside of traditional systems,” the festival gives artists free reign over the buildings that construct the cityscape. The results are uniquely beautiful and confrontational, continuing the long standing tradition of social and political critique found in street art. As more and more festivals bow to commercial and governmental pressures, Nuart stands strong in allowing uncensored freedom of expression.

The festival attracts both renowned and emerging artists specializing in street art. Artists participating in this year’s festival include Andreco, Borondo, Dotdotdot, Etam Cru, Fra. Biancoshock, Icy & Sot, John Fekner, Levalet, M-City, Martin Whatson, Mathieu Tremblin, Maismenos, Spy, Strøk, and Tilt.