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Nonnative is fucking killing it on the regular. Just check out this long ass hoodie. Are you guys tired of your asshole friends playing with your side zips? Buy this instead. Although, it is a goddamn guarantee that those same asshole friends will spill the most noxious, vile, garishly colored drink on your new, beautiful white hoodie. Then, when you try and act like it hasn't ruined your whole night, week, month, quarter, ENTIRE YEAR, they'll make a terrible joke to try and diffuse the situation. It's always some really feeble joke that isn't even funny to begin with, such as, "It's not my fault, bruh. That thing is, like, ten times longer than the average hoodie. It was bound to get spilled on. That's just statistics." And that is the precise moment when you realize that you need an entirely new set of friends.