I know that Monitaly is kind of a polarizing brand. You either love the quirky take on militaria and workwear or you just don't get it. However, if you don’t like this sweatshirt (in black or heather grey) with a wool front panel and curved hem, you just objectively have bad taste. Sorry for that downer of a plot twist, but I'm out here speaking truths and someone was bound to say it to your face eventually. At least in this scenario you're reading it silently to yourself at work. Unless that girl with the nice legs and pencil skirts who always asks you to help her pick out birthday presents for her wealthier, more attractive boyfriend happens to amble by while you're reading this and says, "Oh, Trevor would love that," and you disagree with her. NOW SHE KNOWS YOU JUST CRIB YOUR KNOWLEDGE FROM THE INTERNET. She'll be indignant at your posing, but then become incensed when she realizes she's been taking boyfriend present advice from someone with butt taste.