From garments that reflect social media use to sleeping masks that may or may not allow us to control our dreams, there’s a certain level of practicality that many wearable tech designers have ignored.

This is especially true for Metamorphosis, a new pair of wearables that reflects just how hammered you are.

Created by a team of Korean artists, the line is comprised of men’s jackets and women’s dresses that change shape and color as the wearer becomes more and more intoxicated. Why? Well, we’re not completely sure, but it definitely adds an element of fun to your nights of slurred speech and shameless disregard for consequences.

For the men, the jacket’s collar moves higher and higher to cover the face of the drinker when the garment detects too much alcohol on the breath. The ladies’ piece utilizes the same alcohol detection, but instead results in the contraction of sleeves, which illustrates the increased sense of courage and self-esteem often associated with drinking.

Though extremely pointless, the execution is pretty dope. Take a look at one of the garments in action above, and learn more about the concept at designer Younghui Kim’s Absurdee website.

[via Elite Daily]