A photo retrospective compiled by Dazed of Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld shows that, believe it or not, there was a time when the designer didn't wake up everyday, hair perfectly pulled back in a ponytail. He also didn't live in the same white shirt, black suit, and thick black shades. 

But Lagerfeld may never have wavered if he were not ridiculed as a child. See, Lagerfeld was a uniform man from the very beginning. He was the only child in his school to wear a jacket, suit pants, and a tie everyday. All that derision must have gotten to Lagerfeld, though, who began experimenting with different looks and hit some bumps in the road before finding salvation again in his uniform.

Like all of us, the famous designer had some dark, experimental times, like when he became infatuated with monocles. In fact, he loved the monocle so much that he would often carry around a spare in case something happened to the one he was wearing. Yeah, because one needs a pair of the ridiculous frames at all time, right? There was also that time when Lagerfeld was, er, not sample size.

As you can see, he went through multiple styles, from strutting in high heels to matching with photographer Jacques De Bascher in all white suits, or dark suits with intricate brooches, depending on the pairs mood. 

Most importantly, these pictures do answer some age-old questions, like, who was the original Cokeboy? The pictures of Lagerfeld atop boxes of the beverage should answer that question. 

Damn. Lagerfeld's come a long way. 

[via Dazed]