Earlier this year, schools nationwide started banning leggings. Now, a high school in North Datoka joins the list of schools, having banned the skin-tight bottoms as well. 

According to Valley News Live, an assistant principal at Devils Lake High school banned leggings and anything else like it, including tight jeans and jeggings, on the basis that males—teenage students and male teachers—were apparently unable to focus on their schoolwork around girls wearing these items of clothing. Hilariously, and strangely enough, the school used two clips of Julia Robert’s character, a prostitute, from the movie Pretty Woman to illustrate the dangers of tight-fitting clothes, like leggings.

An English teacher also told students that their tight apparel made them look like “prostitutes walking the streets.” And although the vice principal was fine with Pretty Woman comparisons, she admitted "that that teacher probably shouldn't have said what she did,” reports Valley News Live.

One mom spoke out against the new dress code, saying "[Parents] were talking about how they think the boys should be able to control themselves and the girls should be able to wear the leggings and the jeggings and you know, the squirts and stuff." 

Dress codes like this are being met with familiar outrage around the country, as parents and students alike protested a similar one in Staten Island, and a student forced to wear a “shame suit” after violating her dress code received the community’s support.

[via Gawker]