Every once in a while, an item comes along that causes the menswear community to invariably shit its pants in excitement. The Hender Scheme MIP-10 aka an all-leather Air Jordan IV is that item right now. We'd seen photos putzing around the web for the past few months and speculated on when they'd finally drop and at what price. Well, friends, today is that day. They're now available at one of Jon Moy's favorite stores, Blue Button Shop. I have no real jokes to crack here, but I'll try: You know how sometimes bloggers get free product? Would Hender Scheme floating me a free pair of these just for the coverage be the ultimate come up? I'd probably have to straight up fucking retire, right? Okay, that isn't a joke. But it is a reality I just played out in my head.

Anyway, if you know HS at all, these are all natural leather, impeccably crafted and the sole can be replaced. You hear that, hardbottom diehards? You can't tell us your shoes will "last a lifetime because you can replace the soles" anymore. It only took a few years and about $1,000 American dollars to reach that point. But my argument still stands. Also, a note for the 1 percenters out there who actually will buy these: If you take the leather laces out and swap in regular ones (seen in the last two pics above), I swear I will find you. These are art you wear on your feet, you fucking monkeys. If you don't use the leather laces, it's like scribbling on a Picasso. Please don't scribble on a Picasso.