I hope we're not over Gitman Vintage yet. I remember when I first started out as a #menswear padawan a few years ago, GV was seriously the first brand I was ever exposed to. It wasn't the cool ones either, just regular white and blue OCBDs. I was like, "$150 for a shirt? Yougottabekiddingme." Yet, here we are now, a world where I shrug my shoulders at $300 sweatshirts and $700 outerwear. We've all grown? Anywho, GV makes really raw shirting patterns and I still love a lot of them. This crazy red/white/blue shirt is so fucking patriotic and reminds me of a kaleidoscope. Do you remember how dope kaleidoscopes were? Scratch that. Do you realize how dope kaleidoscopes still are? Seriously. All they are is a paper towel tube with some plastic knick-knacks from Hobby Lobby at the end with some mirrors and BOOM—all these crazy shapes and light show up. Do yourself a huge favor. Next time you're inebriated on the weed, keep a kaleidoscope handy, you will not regret it. Kaleidoscopes are the unsung hero of elementary school arts and crafts time. And you were too dumb to realize it.