Are you a Queens-based parent raising a future world-class artist? Then you may be in luck because the All Saints Episcopal Church in Sunnyside is now offering an art course for young fans of Jeff Koons' work. 

For $35 per session, the students create their own balloon dog sculptures (with actual balloons) and participate in other enriching activities inspired by the artist's "kid-friendly" works. The class will visit the Jeff Koons Retrospective at the Whitney Museum, but we doubt that they will be allowed to see all of it, considering many of the NSFW portraits on display.

5-year-old student Zara Furlong told the New York Daily News, "I like art because I can get creative." She and others in the class named Koons as one of their favorite artists, which makes sense because his pieces are shiny and often resemble toys. It would be interesting to see how the same children feel when they are old enough to see all of his work and can understand the themes.

[via New York Daily News]