Tyler Grosso of Superradical is dropping off a new streetwear brand called Creepshow. According to Grosso, it's even better than what preceded it.

For its debut and Fall/Winter 2014 collection, Creepshow hit the streets, err, the tombstones for its eerie lookbook highlighting the new apparel. Instead of just presenting photos, the lookbook is rendered entirely in a single, looping GIF. 

The collection is nearly comprised of T-shirts and hoodies that use an assortment of graphics. One T-shirt has a large middle finger on the front, another shows what appears to be a goblin busting through a brick wall. An exception is the baseball jersey with “Welcome to the Creep Zone” written across the back.

If you like what you see, Creepshow has more designs coming in the next few weeks via a collaboration made exclusively for VFiles.

The entire Fall/Winter 2014 collection will be available on Creepshow’s website on Sept. 29.