Would ya look at that, a CdG jacket that's really nice! It's made from a cotton-wool-poly blend, which doesn't sound that luxurious at first because, I mean, the words "poly" and "blend" next to each other will just never sound as luxe as, say, the words "cash" and "mere" next to each other, you know? Shit, "cash" next to most anything sounds great. But don't worry, guys, polyester only makes up 18% of the total fabrication. I love that this jacket has button vents. Again, you really shouldn't button your vents, but that's none of my business. The whole point of small details like that is to rationalize the purchase while the garment sits in your cart, just waiting for you to make a irresponsible move. Sometimes, I buy things with the quickness because I clearly have a problem with buying things I can't afford and don't take the time to look for nice, considered details. But then the piece gets to my house and I notice all the little things that "really set it apart from all the other [insert garment type here] on the market." I guess ya boy just has a preternatural skill for sniping fire jawnz. Professor X should be contacting me shortly because, let's be real, that mutant power is fucking awesome.