Casely Hayford makes some pretty bomb shit. That's about as simply I can put things. And while the "this brand fuses [one area of fashion] with [another slightly opposite area of fashion]" story has been beaten worse than a horse bound for the Elmer's processing plant, CH rides a mixture of British street fashion with some of the more traditional Savile Row construction and tailoring. This double stripe sweatshirt is definitely more in line with the former because it looks like they took a Montreal Canadiens hockey sweater and monochromed the shit out of it before dropping the Original Six logo. We've already established that hockey-inspired gear is pretty tight. Whether the father-son design duo of Casely Hayford actually knows anything about hockey is an unknown commodity because I'm not entirely sure hockey is a thing in England. I know Scandinavian dudes always turn that shit out, but in the UK? I'm not so sure. Either way, this thing has all the grit of a someone who just got cross-checked into the boards at full speed.