Russia has an interesting rap in these 50 states of ours. Saying nothing of our tumultuous political history via the Cold War, the current, post-Soviet government with Vladimir Putin at the helm is basically doing everything it can to ostracize itself from the international community. While the current focus and significance of national relations rests on Crimea and relations with Ukraine, Americans are mostly not really up on Russian culture.

However, take geopolitical issues out of the equation for a second, and it's plain to see that Russia is a fertile ground for the growth and development of young talent—especially in the field of fashion. Many talented designers in the country haven't studied in Europe or worked alongside another major (note: western) name brands, but this means a Russian perspective has developed independently on its own.

Perhaps the grittiness of Russian urban landscapes and the harshness of life in its countryside have instilled an overall darker aesthetic among the emerging designers. But whether they're crafting gothic collections or building outerwear that's strong enough to handle the nation's snow and storms, these designers and their visions are proving that Russia is a relatively untapped well of talent. Read on for The Best Russian Brands You Need to Know Right Now.