I hope your closet can hold more outerwear because that's basically all I've written about for the past month. Get used to it. With fall steadily approaching, anyone who says outerwear isn't the most vital part of your alphet is a straight up, pants on fire lying piece of garbage. It's so fucking key to have varying levels of outerwear, you don't even know. That spectrum includes heavy parkas with removable fur liners, dense wool varsities, lightweight trenches/topcoats, work jackets and thick knits that can function as both sweater and jacket. With this Einstein physics-level hypothesis of wardrobe science, you'll be ready to look good without sacrificing for hypothermia. The first level of outerwear for me is this Beautiful Fül trench that takes everything you thought you knew about trenches and throws it right back in your stupid face. I don't even care that it's made for S/S. THIS IS TOO CLEAN. There's no double-breasted bullshit or a belt to hang loose in the back. No, this thing has ridiculously high side vents that you can button closed and diesel drawstrings hanging low. Alejandro, the mad genius behind the brand, even transplanted a MA-1 sleeve pocket onto the left arm just to completely fuck the trench game up forever because, evidently, it's nothing for him to stunt. Also, this joint is half off right now. So, yeah, it's basically free.