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The week just started and we may have already gone off the deep end, guys. Yes, I'm writing about an a product from Armani Exchange. I guess the universe is as random as scientists claim and god isn't real and everything is just out of our control, like this A/X suede bomber, which is way too fire to ignore. Somebody over at AX is definitely reading the Pins as we've evangelized for the double zipper as incessantly as some Jehovah's Witnesses on PCP stuck in an apartment building they can't find their way out of. There's even zippers on the cuffs and barely any collar on this thing. WOW, some design intern definitely needs a promotion off this joint alone. I commend you, whoever you are, for understanding what the people really want and going against the wildly strug grain. There's not a whole lot of details on Armani Exchange's site—as if one iota of truth will bring this enigmatic house of cards wrapped in a paradox crumbling to the ground—but it says the hand is "incredibly soft." That's good enough for me. The price is a bit steep at $500, but this is definitely the type of jacket you can find at an outlet on clearance for, like, $85 in a few months. Stay woke.