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On the day that would have been Amy Winehouse's 31st birthday, artist and designer Scott Eaton unveiled a life-sized bronze sculpture of the late songstress at the Stables Market in Camden, London. The memorial sculpture was commissioned by Amy's father, Mitch Winehouse, and depicts the singer in belted dress with a real red rose in her signature beehive.

Mitch Winehouse kissing Eaton's sculpture at the unveiling - Image via mllelumiere_via_nostalgia on Instagram
Image via robertwardw9 on Instagram
Image via shanwells on Instagram

Hundreds of fans around the world showed up for unveiling and snapped photos as Mitch Winehouse spoke and kissed the sculpture of his daughter, who died at the age of 27 due to alcohol poisoning. "It's a day of incredibly mixed emotions," he said. "They don't put statues up for people who are with us anymore so it reinforces the fact that physically she's gone but spiritually she'll never leave us." Amy's mother Janis added that she was "pleased with how the statue turned out because you can see that it's Amy...Camden is Amy's place, it's where she belongs."

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