This month's issue of British GQ includes a preview of the highly-anticipated Alexander Wang x H&M collection. For those who worried that H&M's fast fashion would degrade Wang's quality, the editorial should be reassuring. The collection—dark and monochromatic with experimental materials and sporty cuts—is classic Alexander Wang.

The boxing theme that was teased in the initial preview once again dominates the shoot, with shots inside a boxing ring and, in one image, boxing gloves draped around the model’s shoulder. In addition, the collection includes a cheeky pair of boxing shorts with “WANG” embossed across the crotch. The embossed logo is a reoccurring motif in the collection; it shows up on a grey sweater and a pair of huge sunglasses with equally oversized croakies. Overall, Alexander Wang x H&M looks like it will put a premium on outerwear, including a puffer jacket, a sleek winter coat, and a neoprene hoodie.

The official release date is Nov. 6, so stay on the lookout for a flood of Wang x H&M details in the near future. 

[via The Fashionisto]