I have never base jumped and never will. I'll never skydive either. Heights are fucking terrifying, man. It's crazy because I used to not be afraid of heights. Like, I could go on any kind of roller coaster without having an anxiety attack. Now, if more than 10 people are on a somewhat small balcony, I get vertigo and have to immediately retreat inside. Once you hit 24 and start to have chronic knee problems and realize how fragile your fucking existence is, you avoid even getting close to potentially damaging situations. Or maybe I'm just a huge pussy. Whatever. Either way, Acronym's F/W 14 collection shot by Hypebeast is the kind of line that could make you think you're ready for anything just by sliding on a coat with 28 zippers, 16 different snaps and a strap inside that you can sling over your shoulder to look like the one, true Highlander. Of course, everything in here is super high-tech and lightweight: tons of GORE-TEX, gabardine and special water-resistant Italian wool make up these intense pieces, so if you do decide to base jump and end up pissing yourself out of pure fear, at least you'll stay dry.