Date: Late '00s to Today

When the Americana fascination brought people back to the idea of retro (like, turn of the 20th century retro) workwear around 2009-2010, stylish guys were investing in pieces that were replicas or carefully crafted recreations of what their fathers and grandfathers wore during work and at war. As the sentiment went at the time, investing in rugged clothing that was meant to last was a wise move, and allowed for a sense of masculinity to shine forth in an era where most men's toughest daily choice was kale or quinoa. 

In terms of modern-day designers, many labels have used the Levi's Trucker Jacket (which, at this point, has become the unofficial standard for all denim jackets) as a foundation, and applied the details and twists that are indicators of each brand's unique DNA. A lot of times this meant construction with super-luxe materials and techniques that have elevated the denim jacket to a veritable status symbol. Other times, it means taking the expensive production points out of the process, so that the masses can enjoy a timeless wardrobe staple. 

Going even further, avant-garde brands have gotten their hands on the essential item and played with the very concept of a denim jacket. Envelope-pushing entities like Hood By Air have re-worked the garment into concepts that break down previously untreaded territory with new silhouettes and cuts that are based on the classic. But no matter how you look at it, both schools of thought represent the contemporary wearer of the denim jacket.