Art team Twin BroBro has come together to spotlight the classic African American and Latino wave hairstyle with their aptly titled book and short film, "WAVES".

With the book containing detailed photographs, and the video containing interviews with the wave models, photography team Trujillo Paumier shows the time and dedication that wave fanatics have to put in to get their hair just right. For the unfamiliar, waves are a hairstyle that consists of expanding rings, starting at the back of the hair and progressing outward in a 360 rotation, getting larger from the back.

The time investment is clearly the largest part of the wave hairstyle, as the guys featured in the book and short film discuss how their waves required thousands of brush strokes and hours of daily maintenance. As one model put it, "sitting in front of the T.V., I'm brushing. Doing homework, I'm brushing. In class, I'm brushing. If I'm in church—I'm probably brushing."

The book is a full-color release that takes the large format images and pays homage to rituals of the men who strive to achieve this timeless hairstyle. For those who cop the book, the release comes with a spandex du-rag dustcover, an ode to the final part of the wave-making process.

Whether you're interested in the history of the hairstyle, or just happen to rock the look yourself, "WAVES" is definitely a contemporary look at the classic cut.

[via Twin BroBro]