I'm gonna write about this Coppens sweatshirt despite just writing about another Tim Coppens sweatshirt because Tim Coppens is the fucking man despite me probably having to write a replacement hit for this because my editor will send me an email with a subject line that goes something like: "Hey man, we all love Coppens, but we can't really have just Tim Coppens above the fold, nah mean? Write about something else. ALSO, WHY ARE YOU LATE AGAIN?" And then I won't respond until he follow-up texts me on some serious "You okay?" type shit. Actually, I won't respond to that text either. However, I will send him a replacement about some Japanese socks with no explanation or subject line. Just the attachment, ya know? You guys see how I just wrote about a sweatshirt without really writing a sweatshirt? FUCK YEAH. Y'ALL SHOULD TAKE A SKILLSHARE CLASS WHERE I TEACH ABOUT WRITING. WALK WITH ME FOR AN HOUR OR SO AND BY THE END YOU'LL ALL BE STANDING ON TOP OF YOUR LAPTOPS RECITING "O CAPTAIN! MY CAPTAIN!"