I'm a little bit verklempt from this Sandro F/W 14 collection, mostly because I really want that Thom Browne-esque coat in slide 9. It's like TB for a third of the price, but still a touchstone of flex in your winter wardrobe. Just imagine wearing a heavy black sweater, black pants and white sneakers under that thing. God, Tommy Ton would be all up in your grill and appoint you one of the most stylish men in the world on the spot. Next thing you know, there are weird archaic posts about you on StyleForum asking who you are, brands are paying to send you around the world just so you can pop off a couple of 'grams featuring their lame af hashtag of the moment and designers are starting to ask your opinion on a piece for the next collection. You don't even have a blog and here you are, a golden blog famous god. You might even think about having an emotional breakdown because of how #blessed your life has become. Save that for the sweater in slide 7. Bury that teary-eyed face of yours in that shit and cry to your friends about how much you appreciate their support even though they jealously talk shit about you behind your back all the time now. Granted, this collection is still as expensive as Sandro normally is, so none of the aforementioned shit is probably going to pop off since you can't even cop the genesis.

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