I don't think my menswear writing pedigree would grant me admission into the Hall of People Allowed to Write About Ralph Lauren, but because this is the Internet and I reside in a little place called America, I guess I'm writing about Ralph Lauren's S/S 15 Polo, Black and Purple Label collections. Shout outs to freedom. While these three lines are just a fraction of the seemingly endless and constantly expanding Ralph Lauren universe, they do show off the breadth of a brand that continues to cover almost ever conceivable segment within men's clothing. Purple Label remains somewhat old school with high-end tailoring and a glut of double breasted peak lapels, while Black Label sticks to its pared down gala ensembles and Polo continues its mixture of Ivy and American Southwest themes. There's also a full-on denim suit in the PRL collection that I, up until the second I saw it with my own eyes, would have thought was a terrible idea. And, again, I was wrong as per usual. If I had as much creative ingenuity as Ralph and Co. have in their pinky finger, my life would be in a much better place. Instead, I'm here, simultaneously groveling and worshipping at the altar of Lifshitz.