First off, I would extremely remiss to fail to mention the fact that when Queu Queu hit us up to introduce themselves and push their products, that they their email was legit addressed to someone named "Arby." Let the record show that there is NO ONE at Four Pins named Arby lmao.

Moving on, do you guys like baseball jerseys? What about marble print T-shirts? Yeah you fucking do. I blame our parents who were always talking about the neighbors' kid who was better at sports and the neighbors' countertops that were made out of marble. Queu Queu's shirts are a little different because they have mesh paneling on the sleeves or sides (A+), as well as a dumb as fuck emojis on the back (D-). By my calculations that works out to a solid B. But don't worry about the emojis. As our esteemed leader told me, "You can just wear a jacket or whatever and be fine." Wildly dubious editorial advice aside, I would cop the white marble one because it comes the closet to looking like there isn't an emoji on the back. Did I mention those are dumb as fuck?

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