I'm sorry, Paul Smith, but with such a bland name it sounds like your product catalog should be full of button-downs, blazers and slacks despite that fact that you were knighted. Ah, but then I remember I'm thinking about Paul Stuart and, in reality, Paul Smith is kind-of-sort-of edgy and dope. Like, he make sick bombers with some extraneous zippers and the color palette trades is mostly charcoal and black. Honestly, there's always a couple of brands I confuse with one another. Paul Smith and Stuart are probably at the top of that list. Then there's, like, Raf, Jil and Dries, but that's mostly because I'm a total fashion scrub and their names are minutely similar. Regardless of my professional failings as a blogger, this Paul Smith bomber (the brand calls it a varsity jacket, but we refuse to accept that) is the type of shit you'd wear as you thumb through endless racks of clothing on your vacation in London, as you dip into various stores to avoid the constant rain. It's all grey and black and keeps with your already neutralized, exclusively grey, navy, white and black wardrobe. If you want to up your cool quotient, you'd only button that top button and not even bother with the other buttons or zipper ever again. Just set it and forget it, cholo style.