Parabellum strives to make the best leather goods on the market, and now it's opening its first-ever store.

The store, which will display the widest range of Parabellum goods, will open on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. In addition to carrying the leather goods, the store will allow Parabellum to expand into furniture, and will also offer exclusive projects and collaborations, including eyewear made with Oliver Peoples, as well as pricier items other retailers may not be able to carry. 

Parabellum was founded in 2008 and works almost exclusively with American bison leather and offers a range of beautiful products in this rugged and unique material. It uses a unique combination of bison and ceramic that nobody else was using when the inventive brand entered the market. Its bison “is sourced from free-range animals from North America,” president Mike Feldman told, “and it’s all North American-raised and free-range and not in factory conditions.” The distinctive bison combined with traditional techniques give Parabellum's wares an indestructible, but elegant feel inspired by the American West. 

Make sure to check out this gallery of luxury goods when Parabellum opens its doors tomorrow at 8251 Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles.