Some images are legendary, filled with moments or people so iconic that they will be eternally imprinted in visual history. Even though these works are mostly shot by famous photographers or painted by well-know artists, Diddy's recent Instagram may make the list.

Yesterday, Diddy posted an image of Oprah holding a portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr. drawn by Michael Jackson with the caption #legendary. We can't imagine a hashtag more appropriate.

It's unclear where this gathering of the greats took place, but it probably happened when Oprah visited Michael Jackson's studio years ago. Michel Jackson's art collection, mostly drawings and paintings he created, was hidden in a top-secret hangar until 2011 when LA Weekly toured the studio. Photographs from the tour reveal the picture of Oprah holding Jackson's drawing of MLK.

According to LA Weekly, the collection consists of 150-160 pieces created by Jackson, including architectural drawings, a portrait of George Washington, a sketch of the Wright brothers' plane, and a depiction of MJ's pet monkey Bubbles.

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