You can barely even see this shirt and you still just know that it's amazing. That white product on light grey background gets you sometimes and can mislead re: what the item actually looks like. But with Natic Marine, you really don't need to worry about that because they always turns out bangers. Shit, I'd order a Natic Marine shirt like this covered button one if I had to look at it through a kaleidoscope or a stained glass window. This is midway between a shirt and a shacket and I only say that because of the added accoutrement like the split hems, extended tab cuff button, covered placket and Peter Pan collar. It also has those little metal pin things. Just, like, super nautical, man. Required tangent: Is there a worse term for this type of collar? Natic Marine calls it a "penny collar" and that's okay, but I've seen a lot of shirts with Peter Pan collars, mostly women's to be fair, and that's, like, the most off-putting term I can think of. I don't want my collar named after an enchanted little boy that shows up at your window with his tiny little fairy friend named Tinkerbell. No thanks. Not interested. Keep it moving.