Jeremy Scott has come a long way. His unique fashion concepts have afforded the in-demand designer the opportunity to grace runways all across the world. As the current creative director of Moschino, Scott is now faced with the tough task of outdoing his McDonald's-inspired women's line, which debuted in Milan back in February.

Dazed Digital recently caught up with Scott get his take on the United States of America. But instead of a generic Q & A on the subject, they made him break it down using the alphabet, which turned out to be a lot more entertaining. Scott covered topics ranging from Mickey D's, Nicki Minaj, Oprah, Spongebob, what it was like living in a farm, and more. Check out a few of his random letter explanations below:

On the American dream: 
"I do believe that I come from the land of Madonna, where it doesn’t matter what you were born into, you can become what you want to be. That truly is the essence of America. It’s always been part of my outlook and my philosophy."

On how living in a farm has affected him:
"All my elementary school years were spent living on a farm. I do feel that it helped my imagination growing up. There were dilapidated cars, dilapidated tractors – everything could become other things. I remember digging in the dirt once and finding dishes from the depression that someone had buried, so I was suddenly playing restaurant!"

On independence: 
"I own my own company, I own my own brand. I can do whatever I want with it. I don’t have this other thing twisting my arm, telling me what I can and can’t do. I can’t function with those terms. I chose to work with Moschino because I knew they wouldn’t interfere. I love to see how I can shape my vision into different worlds."

On McDonald's: 
"I was driving down La Brea and saw McDonald’s and was like (gasps), ‘McDonald's, Moschino! Moschino, billions and billions served, oh my God!’ It just hit me, as simple as that. I wanted to do something inspired by their glorious colour palette – take their iconic ‘M’ logo and bend it to a heart, which is one of the symbols of Moschino. I was trying to make this blur. McDonald’s seemed to be very supportive. A day or two after the show they posted on their Facebook, ‘Milan Fashion Week has never looked better!’"

On Nicki Minaj: 
With pop songs now, you basically need to have a rap component if you want that number one. That’s what I love about Nicki – she doesn’t need a guest rapper, she can do it all. Also, she’s so brilliant with her words. We were doing something for one of her tours and I was putting graffiti on clothes, and I told her, ‘I want to go over the words, because it’s so important to you, as an artist – your manipulation and usage of words.’ And she was like, ‘Thank you for realising that!’ I love her, I love her music and I love her attitude."

On Oprah: 
"She’s the most American icon I can think of. When I was in high school or junior high, I watched her show regularly. I love watching her, she’s so cute. Full of joy, positive and upbeat."

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[via Dazed Digital]