America's simple staple retailer Gap has tapped the dark directing talents of David Fincher for their newest video ads.

Fincher, known for films like The Social Network and Fight Club, has lent his vision behind the lens to add a sense of both modern and retro noir to the label's ads. Gap most recently unveiled its "Dress Normal" campaign, an ideology that focused on the brand's ability to outfit just about anyone with "normal," everyday clothes. The new ads, while an extension of the retailer's "Dress Normal," offer a much more youthful and exciting take on what many consider to be a simple staple brand.

The videos, shot in black and white, feature young people in various situations, from making out with their S.O., to meeting a beautiful woman, to undressing in the backseat. All of the videos feature taglines like: "dress like no one's watching," "simple clothes for you to complicate," and (perhaps most fitting with the brand) "the uniform of rebellion and conformity." Regardless, if the intention was to combine Fincher's aesthetic with Gap's classic clothes, it's easy to see that Gap hit the nail on the head.

With all of the ads clocking in under two minutes, there's no reason you shouldn't check them out. But be warned, your pre-established opinions on the brand may be altered significantly.

[via The Huffington Post]